(Once Like A Spark) Photography – Lorna

We first stumbled on the word “jejunity” when we were looking for ‘je’ words for our first line of homebrewed beer as JE Cellars. Jejunity, the quality of being generally vapid or uninteresting, unsophisticated, seemed fitting for our first few batches of beer which we brewed from a kit and then from pre-defined recipes we found at the homebrew store.

At first blush, it seems a somewhat less fitting choice for a blog chronicling our¬†travel adventures, but in the year since our first brew, jejunity has taken on new significance. While looking for a title for our wedding crossword puzzle, Jess noticed that “jejunity”, the answer to 41 down, was a contraction of JE June Unity¬†– which is, of course, exactly what happened at the wedding.

We promise we’ll try not to let our blog live up to the original meaning of its name.