WWOOF stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. We will beĀ volunteering on farms in exchange for room and boardĀ along the way to keep our costs low and experience more of the local culture as we travel.

La Gran Aventura

We realize we haven’t said much about our upcoming adventure, despite our departure date being just over one month away. While we do not want to plot out every place we will be and when we will be there, we do have some broad outlines for our year:

Phase 1: South America – January – May
Phase 2: Biking Maine to Minnesota – June – August
Phase 3: Asia & Australasia – August – December

After this adventure, the only continent we won’t have been to is Antarctica – we’re thinking we’ll save that for a future trip.

We are plotting and planning most for Phase 1 right now, obtaining visas and vaccines and figuring out where we really want to go. South America is a big place and five months is a long time, but also not that long at the same time.

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Here We Come A-Wassailing

We did it! Eric and I went to Probate and Family Court and became Wassails. The process was confusing from the moment we walked into the building and realized we had no idea where courtroom 4 was. After asking at the Family Law Information Center, we found courtroom 4 on the fourth floor. When we entered the courtroom, the judge was hearing a case about a woman from Colombia who wanted an annulment. After taking a seat briefly, we realized we needed to check in with the clerk who promptly sent us to Probation Intake on the 1st floor for a CORI check – the database of criminal court appearances in Massachusetts. With our paperwork indicating we did not have violent records in hand, we went back up to courtroom 4 and checked back in with the clerk and then sat down to wait. Continue reading “Here We Come A-Wassailing”