And we’re off…

Waiting for the Logan Express

We are at the airport, and our first flight of three boards in 16 minutes. We got here extra early (which Jess usually hates doing having honed her airport process down to a tight 60 minutes) so we could check our bags. In a strange twist, we each got two free checked bags, but would have had to pay for gate checking if anyone questioned whether our backpacks weighed more than 17.5lbs.

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Goodbye Tiny Apt

Preparing for this whole, multistage adventure has required a bunch of getting our belongings where they belong. Travel clothes in backpacks, bicycles and camping gear in Boston, for May, most other things in family storage in PA, except work clothes for our last few weeks of work. Then at end of December, move rest of work clothes to CT, but leave behind a wedding outfit in Boston… So, lots of moving things we own here and there.

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