Week 8: Bicycling Clam Lake, WI to Onamia, MN

  1. Total distance: 382.7 miles (slightly more than a week)

Day 50 – 64.1 miles – Clam Lake, WI to Edgewater, WI

Since our campsite was buggy, we went back out to the town and found a picnic table there to make breakfast. While we were cooking two cyclists stopped to chat with us. They were doing a shorter ride heading back the direction we had come. We swapped tips and stories for over an hour before deciding we all better get on our bikes.

Clam Lake is Wisconsin’s elk capital of the world. Shortly after leaving Clam Lake we saw a series of elk-crossing warning systems that would flash if elk were near by. We never saw an elk but we saw lots of flashing lights.

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Phase 2: Bicycling Maine to Minnesota

After returning to the United States, we spent a whirlwind week traveling up the east coast from Philadelphia to Boston visiting family and friends along the way. We then had one week in Boston to get ready for our roughly 1,500-mile bike ride from Kennebunk, Maine to Onamia, Minnesota. We got a free tune-up on our bicycles, some extra gear, and tons of advice from some very helpful employees at Cambridge Bicycle. We traded in our hiking backpacks and hiking boots for panniers and clip-in bicycle shoes, and filled a big box with stuff we’ll need for Phase 3 but don’t want to carry on our bicycles. We did a practice ride to Westwood, MA from Boston (roughly 15 miles) to see how realistic our goal of 30 miles average per day seemed. Jess took a minor tumble when she realized at the last minute she was supposed to stop for a school bus with its stop sign out but forgot to unclip her shoes. That aside, the test was successful. We made a few minor adjustments to our weight distribution and we were set.

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