Week 8: Bicycling Clam Lake, WI to Onamia, MN

  1. Total distance: 382.7 miles (slightly more than a week)

Day 50 – 64.1 miles – Clam Lake, WI to Edgewater, WI

Since our campsite was buggy, we went back out to the town and found a picnic table there to make breakfast. While we were cooking two cyclists stopped to chat with us. They were doing a shorter ride heading back the direction we had come. We swapped tips and stories for over an hour before deciding we all better get on our bikes.

Clam Lake is Wisconsin’s elk capital of the world. Shortly after leaving Clam Lake we saw a series of elk-crossing warning systems that would flash if elk were near by. We never saw an elk but we saw lots of flashing lights.

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Week 7: Bicycling Ensign, MI to Clam Lake, WI

Total mileage: 302.4 miles

Days 43 – 35.8 miles – Ensign, MI to Lake Bluff, MI

Theme: Doesn’t the wind ever get tired? Poor planning means extra miles.

Our goal for the day was a short 25 miles from last night’s stealth camping spot. Since we are so far ahead of schedule and Eric’s presentation is in two days, we decided we should stay put for a few days. Eric needs good wifi for his presentation, and once we leave Escanaba, MI, we’re not sure if we’ll see wifi again for a while. Escanaba is only about 35 miles away though, so we needed a place to spend a few nights without breaking the bank. We opted to spend two nights at Pioneer Trail Campground between Lake Bluff and Wells and then splurge on a motel in Escanaba for the third night.

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