A Tale of Two
Bus Rides

We took an overnight bus to Montevideo, Uruguay. Not only is it nice to sleep as much as possible during an 8-hour trip, but it also means that you don’t need to pay for a night of accommodation. We booked a Condor Estrella bus leaving at 22:30 (10:30PM) and getting in at 6:30 the next day. Everything basically went according to plan, but Jess and Eric had very different rides.

We just got on the bus in Buenos Aires, Argentina!
22:30These chairs are great.These chairs are great.
22:35There’s a cool fold-out thing to make it more like a bed!Look how far they recline! This thing is practically a bed!
22:40 Gotta get my neck pillow. Where’s my scarf blanket? Maybe I’ll read for a bit.
22:42“Good night, don’t stay up too late. MUAH”“Sleep tight! See you in Uruguay! MUAH”
22:50💤 Ok… time to sleep.
23:00💤 This…is a very noisy bus.
23:10💤 What’s that sound? … are they breaking ice? …omg the guys in front of me are breaking ice to make drinks! Do they think this a party bus?
23:30💤 Man, these guys are sooo loud! That guy does think it’s a party, he’s dancing in his chair! Why is his light on… to illuminate the dance floor?
23:50💤 Ok, ice crushed, cocktails drunk, dance party over, they’re in a nice drunken sleep now. Perfect!
23:55💤 What is that noise? Oh, it’s a baby crying? And someone laughing? Oh, it’s the phone of the person behind me… but wait, it IS a baby crying. Why are they watching a video of a crying baby!! Why would you CHOOSE that on an all night bus ride?!?!
00:00💤 Whelp, guess I’m not sleeping, might as well get out the laptop.
00:10💤 Oh good, more ice crushing, definitely time for another cocktail after your nap.
00:20💤 I kinda wish I could figure out what that card game is they’re playing. The guy on the left sure is celebrating a lot of wins.
00:25💤 Yea, that’s right, shush them! This is how it begins, that one person shushes them, and then more will join in, and we’ll all get them to be quiet.
00:27💤 Whelp…guess not.
00:40💤 Laptop is dead… time to try and sleep again.
00:45Why are we stopping?Ugh, this must be the border crossing.
00:50Ugh, do I have to get up?“Jess, wake up. It’s the border.”
00:51😴 “Do we have to get off the bus?”
00:52“How should I know? I just woke up?”
01:00We’re in Uruguay!We’re in Uruguay!
01:02Back on bus. Neck pillow – check! Blanket scarf – check! Cuddling with backpack – check!Back on bus. Lights are off, this is good. Finally everyone is quiet!
01:03💤 💤
We just got off the bus in Montevideo, Uruguay. Eric is very sleepy!
Our napping couch

The rest of the trip was quieter, and less eventful, but Eric definitely started the day behind. We went for a brief walk in a park near the Tres Cruces Station and were visited by a lovely view. We walked to our AirBnb, where we have a private room. We let ourselves in, and slept on the couch in the common space since it wasn’t technically time for checking in. After our quick nap we were ready for Uruguay, starting with the Sunday food market.

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    1. Alas, we’ve made a mistake, this time Jess is our hero, not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. She left me all alone with the party bus!!!

  1. Love this post.
    Jess = Marielle, Eric = Cecile. My younger one gets in the car and if the drive linger than 5 min she is sleeping.

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