Exploring Buenos Aires on a Budget

One of the things we love about Buenos Aires is that there are tons of things you can do on a limited budget:

  • Many of the museums are free or have a free day.
    • We went to the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Humor. The first two were great and had multiple exhibits we really enjoyed. The Museum of Humor was definitely not what we expected. We really only understood the first exhibit we looked at which was about a friendly monster from the future named Musgor who stood up from the earth one day carrying whatever had been in that place on his back.
Scale model of Musgor 1:150 complete with cottage and trees on his back
  • DNI Tango offers a free first tango lesson – we signed up online and showed up on Wednesday evening for a Level 1 dance lesson. Lots of people had the same idea, so it was pretty crowded, but we learned the basics and had a lot of fun!
  • Visit the Ecological Reserve – The Ecological Reserve is a great place to spend an afternoon with lots of people strolling or jogging along the paths, bird watching, or picnicking. The Reserve does close on days with bad weather, so it took us a few tries to finally get in, but we saw a beautiful hummingbird, a large lizard, and tons of flowers.
Reptile in the Ecological Reserve
  • Walk through the Paseo de la Historieta (Comic Strip Way) – this is a few blocks starting at the corner of Calle Defensa and Calle Chile where there are comic book character statues every few steps.
Mafalda and friends in the Paseo de la Historieta
  • Tour the street art – there’s a lot of graffiti throughout Buenos Aires
Street art
  • Go to the San Telmo market – a great place to buy antiques or just wander around the neighborhood during the Feria on Sundays.
San Telmo market
  • Stroll through Parque Lezama – the largest park in San Telmo
  • Peruse Libreria El Ateneo – this is an old theater that has been converted into a book store. You can read in the boxes and drink coffee on the stage.
Ateneo Theater bookstore
  • See the Floralis Generica scuplture – its petals open every day at 8am and close again at sunset
  • Wander around the cemetery in Recoleta – there are guided tours, but you can also just wander around on your own and look at the elaborate mausoleums, some of which are still used by rich Argentine families
Mausoleums at Recoleta cemetery
  • Bird watch along the Costanera Sur – we spent a long time watching the birds here. It was a really windy day, so they were having fun gliding over the water.
Great egret coming in for a landing
  • Visit the Teatro Colón – they offer guided tours of this magnificent building. There are discounted visits available at certain times. You can also go see a show at the theater and it is possible to get discounted tickets in advance.
The golden room in the Teatro Colón
  • Grab a drink with friends – on the last day of Spanish class we met up with the coordinator of the Spanish program and a few of the teachers and other students at Cafe San Bernardo for some cheap drinks. Cafe San Bernardino is a low key, nothing-fancy bar with pool and ping-pong tables in the Villa Crespo neighborhood that caters more to locals than to tourists.

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  1. Wow!!! Amazing!!! A little bit of imagination + willingness to walk and explore = great time!
    Love the photos. The flower … I wishI could see it open.

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